Adventist Senior Living - Since 1960


Adventist Senior Living proudly serves the needs of older Australians in locations across northern New South Wales.

From the southern shores of Lake Macquarie, to the suburbs of Newcastle, and beyond to the far north coast of NSW, Adventist Senior Living offers a safe haven, quality care, community and spiritual connection to all seniors; all part of our mission to serve and provide person-centred care and support based on Christian principles.

Adventist Senior Living has been in existence since 1960 and operates as a not-for-profit company under the umbrella of the North NSW Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church.


Retirement is an enjoyable stage of life, and today’s seniors are increasingly living longer. Adventist Senior Living caters to the needs of retirees at any stage of their retirement or at any level of health and independence. Residents receive care from qualified and compassionate staff, live-in high-quality facilities, enjoy individualised services and life in locations that offer sought-after attractions and services.

We believe the needs of every resident come first. Our staff are a team of dedicated professionals who receive ongoing education and training in person-centred care.

Our services are delivered within a Christian context and the focus of our staff and residents is to make our Lifestyle Communities and Residential Care facilities an extension of home life.

Integrity is central to our core values in caring for you or your family member; integrity in all we say and do; as individuals, as team members, and as an organisation.


Established In 1899

Health care originated on the Avondale site in December 1899 as a 15 room convalescent home for weary missionaries and resort for invalids and businessmen seeking fresh country air, Christian influences, a healthy diet and the very latest in hydropathy, the 19th century therapeutic use of water in treatment of all types of disease.

Avondale Health Retreat

At first called Avondale Hospital the home was soon renamed Avondale Health Retreat after government authorities refused to recognise it as a hospital, before being demolished in 1935 due to white ants.

Initially operated by nurses, physicians Drs Daniel and Lauretta Kress took charge of the Retreat from 1901 to 1903, pioneering a nursing school, before relocating both themselves and the nursing school to the newly built Sydney Sanitarium Hospital in 1903. Today both the Kressville Activities Centre and Kressville Villas located alongside the original site are named after those first serving physicians.

Charles Harrison Memorial Home

By October 1960 the Retreat was re-established as an Adventist Retirement complex with brick cottages housing just 12 people. In 1964, as an adjunct to the growing number of brick cottages for retirees, the Charles Harrison Memorial Home was built on the site of the original Health Retreat as a nursing facility to cater for 16 persons. Named after one of the most respected Seventh-day Adventist doctors in Australia, a man with a vision for the infirm and the elderly, the Home was extended to 48 beds by 1970 and to 62 beds in 1978.

By February 1980 another 35 beds were added. The nursing care facilities expanded again in August 1994 with the addition of Kressville Lodge located on Freemans Drive, now known as Alton Lodge.

Avondale House

With a new century the Charles Harrison Memorial Home was in need of a major overhaul. By 2008 it was rebuilt over 3 levels and renamed Avondale Adventist Aged Care Facility, now Avondale House. It is currently home to 72 high care beds, 35 low care beds and another 15 secure care beds.

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