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ASL Volunteer Finalist at State Awards for Excellence

Volunteer Marilyn Nutt honoured at Aged Care & Community Services (NSW & ACT) State Awards for Excellence

“It just plain makes me happy”, says Fishing Point resident Marilyn Nutt, of her volunteer work with dementia patients.

And it must be true, because for the past 9 years Marilyn has given hundreds of hours of her time to help with residents who are severely impaired with dementia at Adventist Senior Living’s residential aged care facility, Avondale House, in Cooranbong.

Not only will she often spend the morning taking residents for walks throughout the extensive grounds, play games and join in sing-alongs, but then also turns up for volunteer duty serving in the on-site café as well.

Adventist Senior Living Volunteer Coordinator Fiona Smith says it takes a very special person to fill such a role as capably as Marilyn. “She is greatly loved by all our residents”, says Fiona, “and is very much admired and appreciated by staff for her amazing and compassionate ability to connect with residents”, she says. Marilyn is admired so much, in fact, that she was recently announced as a state finalist in the Aged Care & Community Services (NSW & ACT) State Awards for Excellence.

“The Finalist Award could not have gone to a better candidate”, says Fiona, “as it recognises an individual who exemplifies generosity in caring for and contributing to the quality of life of older people”. Adding that “this is Marilyn to a tee”.

“Volunteering not only makes me happy”, says Marilyn, “but it also brings me a great sense of pride and accomplishment”, adding that she has no particular skill set. “I just make sure I am there in that moment for each of my residents”, she says, encouraging anyone that has a few spare hours a week to give volunteering a try.

Studies have long shown that helping others does kindle happiness, and that the more we give the happier we feel. Volunteering also connects you to your community, bringing fun and fulfilment along the way. If you would like to know more, or are interested in becoming part of the vibrant Adventist Senior Living volunteer team, please contact Fiona Smith on 4977 1050, or email for more information.

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